Blogging Insights — New Format # 4

Dear friends, it is time Blogging Insights got a makeover.
I am abandoning the Q & A format. In the new format I will post a quote about blogging or writing and ask you to express your opinion about it.
Today’s quote:
Blogging is a full fledged conversation quote

“Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation!”

What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 4

  1. “Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation!”

    I used to believe in that philosophy, l don’t anymore. many social platforms are now doing everything they can to keep people on their specific platform and yet that is failing – now we see twitter users tweet using blogs and Facebook Waller’s leaving more than memo sized messages in blogs and bloggers now using FB for their blog posts …….. it used to be the way the quote describes… not any more.

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    1. I don’t use social media much so I don’t really know.
      But if there are longer posts then that does make the quote somewhat obsolete.
      These quotes are open for discussion so you don’t have to agree with them.
      Thanks for the comment.

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      1. I was discussing this quote Tanya 🙂 It’s not specifically a case of not agreeing with it, but highlighting that it is indeed an old quote in comparison to say something that might be said today. The thing is l have read it before, strangely enough in Twitter and a good few years ago now also. All Medias change very quickly now.

        Social media is changing very fast and initial points on usage for the platforms is also changing. I started using Twitter back in 2016 and back then it was 140 characters and a platform meant as the ideal for business and yet it was used by anyone that had an opinion. I stopped using Twitter in 2017 because l didn’t like their ethics and the truth is it wasn’t an ideal platform for business but mostly wannabee journos that had an opinion on everything and its mother. there were more trolls back then. Snarky minded individuals that found a great joy in quipipng.

        I have had a personal Facebook account since 2009 as opposed to the page you have connected to your blog here, and l have seen the way users have changed how they write content. Facebook was at one point more of a neighbour hood commenting station whilst Twitter once was the ideal ‘calling card’ no more, Facebook was once a nice place for a coffee – now no more.

        Blogging is another social media platform – l used to believe that it was principally a place for writing, but now l see it as more of a case of those wanting to purely socialise, be seen, be heard, considered important, part of a tribe, a social community mostly instead of just an academic writing forum.

        The original platforms for Twitter/Facebook l would have said were really forums and l was managing and hostings forums way back in 2002 time, so in 19 years medias have changed considerably.

        Is the quote obsolete? I think no, but it’s a far cry indeed from what the original quoter was suggesting 🙂

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