five yellow flowers

5 Things Tuesday — 5 Favourite Feelings

For 5Things, I try to keep the mood fairly light. This time let’s try something a little serious. Let’s list our favourite feelings/emotions.

Here are my 5:


This keeps you going you going even in the face of disappointment and failure.


This allows you to stay young at heart as you grow older.


Looking forward to something like a holiday or event is more fun than the actual treat itself. This is why I am not too fond of surprises.


A person who is content has everything. A person who has a lot but is not content has nothing.


This is the best feeling of all.

What are your favourite feelings?

I would love to know.

11 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — 5 Favourite Feelings

  1. 1 – good books to read and get lost in another time, another place 2 – flowers to just enjoy the color and beauty 3 – birds – singing praises to God 4 – scrabble games with my husband where we are very competitive on who is going to win 5 – a walk in the woods

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