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Blogging Insights – New Format # 10

I saw this on Instagram the other day and thought it would be interesting to discuss it on Blogging Insights:

” What I mind in modern society very much is the awful lack of grammar. ” — Ruth Rendell

One sees deplorable grammar in many places on the Internet. Sometimes it is passed off as abbreviations and contractions. Most of the time people just don’t care. It irritates me particularly when I see it on the blogosphere.

What do you think?

21 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – New Format # 10

  1. Does language never change? It does, and when the English language used Latin grammatical structure in an attempt at homogeneity, it ruined the base language – which is still trying to adapt.

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    1. I didn’t think of that.
      I guess grammar and usage can change with the evolution of language but then should not that be left to experts.
      Evolution of a language does not allow people to distort its grammar at will.
      That is just my opinion.
      Maybe I am wrong.

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      1. If I recall correctly, it was the experts who decided the English language needed a better structure to give it some class (might have been related to a battle of words with the language snobs across a small stretch of ocean) and decided to use Latin, because nothing said high-status as well as a static language in use only by the most reverent of men. It didn’t always fit well, but that was the fault of the user, not the grammatical structure.
        Although my education was a long, long, long time ago, and I was a mature-age student, and a bit of a rebel when it came to some rules and found many ways to dispute the statement ‘rules are rules’.

        Sorry, I got a bit carried away, but language is always changing to suit the way people and their tools change. Inflexibility can lead to brittleness.
        I do prefer to read pieces that are well put-together, but I’m not going to go berserk if someone leaves off a possessive apostrophe or starts a sentence with a conjunction. Or a few of the other nonsensical rules we must abide by.

        Please take this as tongue-in-cheek – there’s just so much angst about grammar, and most of the argument isn’t conducive to good conversations, just anger and frustration. We have enough of that without making something useful into a battle. And we need better teachers, better education systems, fewer stratifications between people who are different or come from the other side of the fence (language, culture, etc.).

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  2. To err is human …

    Blogging as a subject l feel can be perceived differently to say that of brick and mortar publications – however l think that we have way too many Grammar police on the scene these days and many never seemingly allow for any errs in writing. On a few occasions l have had the piss taken out of me in blogging for some grammatical errors by so called friendly bloggers and whilst l have taken much of it in good humour l have found at times those that pick holes should first check if they live in glass houses themselves. I have very mild dyslexia, for most of the time many wouldn’t see my errs – l work very hard to make sure for ME that my spelling and grammar is correct … but l am not writing for a Noble prize or anything and l think readers/writers need to remember that also.

    Blogging and writing allows for a certain freedom with writing and some rigid rules can afford to be broken and bent if applicable to the reading/writing style of the writer or character.

    The written word changes all the time as Cage has stated above, teaching styles change, learning behaviours and techniques change – are we too rigid and being finickity with our expectations? The next twenty years will see vast changes in the way society readers write l feel, and many will turn in their graves at the thought – it’s a good job the latter can’t happen isn’t it. Ghost coming back to haunt poor writing skills would be funny, we have enough of that now… with the so called living correctors.

    Of course there are many tools out there to help writers improve their grammar … but at the end of the day newbie writers who may not be so great to start with will usually the more they practice their craft improve over time – their style, spelling, layout and of course grammar.

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    1. By no means do I condone “hounding” people on inaccurate spellings or bad grammar. My own is probably far from perfect.
      We must accept however, that bad grammar and spellings, if carried to excess do make a post less readable.

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  3. Hey Tanya, l do agree, l said to Paula recently that the one thing that annoys me more than grammatical err is in fact huge walls of written text with no break or image break or even mere paragraphs – that causes me the most angst of all 🙂

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