5 Things Tuesday – Beating the Pandemic Blues

Last Tuesday we did a post on your five most common emotions during the pandemic. Going through all your responses, the balance was predominantly negative – sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness and many similar ones. Yet we have come through the last 14 to 18 months somehow.

This week I ask you to list the ways you kept those pandemic blues at bay. Here is my list:


Upbeat music helps me out of a “blue funk”. Listening to old favourites and finding other versions of them on YouTube has been a good mood elevator for me. I will share my favourites next Tuesday.


Always a source of comfort, reading has been such a help during all the staying at home. Having done a huge amount of academic reading all my life, I choose fiction when I read for pleasure. The best way of forgetting negative feelings is to lose myself in the pages of a country house mystery or a fast paced thriller. Like many people, I have read a lot during Covid but haven’t noted down all the titles. I have also started reading some contemporary non fiction, e.g. Matt Haig’s “Notes from a Nervous Planet “.


Making use of the extended family time, I have watched lots of shows and movies with various family members. We saw new ones but had more fun rewatching old favourites e.g. I binge watched The Crown with my mother for the second time.


The world wide Web has been a lifeline all through Covid. I have found very useful and interesting articles in The Guardian, Psychology Today and The New York Times. “Mindless” scrolling through Instagram, although a huge black hole of time, has been a lot of fun.


I left the best for last – blogging is my favourite activity. It brings together reading and writing, two things that I love. My friends in the blogosphere have provided a lot of strength and support especially when I lost my father last year and when I got Covid in April this year. Most of my blogging used to be on the go, while commuting or in doctors’ waiting rooms as I accompanied my parents to their appointments. Due to staying at home my blogging , especially reading and commenting has suffered. But whenever I do get down to it , blogging is the best way to beat the blues.

Now I would love to read your list. You can leave a reply in my comments section. Better still, why not create a post of your own? Just remember to tag it #5things.

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18 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday – Beating the Pandemic Blues

  1. Music. I have always found music a help with my moods – whatever they are. My husband and I have also just got in the car and explored the country roads around our county – seeing where each one goes. Since we live in a rural area there are lots of trees and farms and beautiful sights. Being able to finally go back to church has been a blessing also – so good to see my church family.

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  2. I focused on my son, because as a mom I knew that it must be hard for kids. Having to grow through such times. I wanted to make sure that he was still able to be a kid while having to go through all of this. In return this helped me as well.

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  3. Music can uplift or can also make me emotional. But it is a great boost in pandemic times. Blogging is terrific because between reading the reader for blogs I follow and responding to blogging emails and ,last but never least, writing blog posts I don’t have time to get too down. I’m too busy.

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