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5 Things Tuesday — Short Books

When I say short book, I am not giving a word count or the number of pages as a benchmark. What I mean is the kind of book you can finish in a weekend or during a long journey.

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by R. L. Stevenson

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Agatha Christie

What are your favourites? Do share by leaving a reply in my comments section or writing a post of your own.

9 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — Short Books

  1. I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in one night. I got it at midnight and spent the rest of the night reading it. If a book immerses me, I can read it in a whole weekend, no matter the length.

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  2. Hi Dr T.
    I’m afraid I have lost interest in reading books as nothing has appealed for several years.
    I had favourite authors such as Erica James, Cathy Kelly, Sandra Brown, Judith McNaught, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, Stephen King, David Baldacci and Matthew Reilly to name just a few.
    In turn, I had my favourite books by them, some of which I would read in a couple of days, or even one sitting if it was a short story of around 400 pages (Sandra Brown wrote loads).
    I still love Remember When by Judith McNaught and a host of her others, plus Precious Time by Erica James. Sandra Brown wrote Where there’s Smoke, the first book of hers I read and the twist at the end was excellent and unexpected. David Baldacci gave us Absolute Power and Matthew Reilly provided the Scarecrow series.

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      1. Sadly no. I tried Bronte and Dickens, and even some biographies but nothing appealed. I read Billy Connolly’s autobiography years ago. I am hoping that something will appeal again. It’s the same with DVDs. We had a vast collection and kept a fair few, but hardly watch them.



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