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Blogging Insights – New Format # 15

Some bloggers have a blogging schedule and blogging strategy. They have their topics mapped out and write according to a carefully thought out plan. Others need a source of inspiration, some idea, or event that sets them typing away. Lois L’Amour, an author best known for his Western novels, believes otherwise as you can see in the quote below:

Start writing no matter what quote
“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned.” — Louis L’Amour

I think the question of whether an idea must be necessary before you start writing/blogging or whether the will to write sets the ideas flowing is a bit like asking “Was the egg before the hen or the hen before the egg?”

I am no expert. From personal experience, however, that writing in both a personal or professional setting is a bit of a mixture. At times, an idea seizes me and demands to be written down. Other time I sit down to write with a blank page and with no clear idea of what I intend to put down but the words flow. To some extent I agree with L’Amour, your words will not flow until you turn the tap on but it is not the whole story.

What do you think?

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26 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – New Format # 15

  1. I have a problem with my tap. Sometimes it turns itself on while I am busy doing something else. Then it will nudge me, endlessly talking about plot ideas, character problems and there will be great ideas in there too. I end up giving in, desperately hoping that most of the good stuff has already gone down the drain…

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  2. I run schedulers, but they are only for displaying to me what l have written on the month. These days, l no longer write the day l am on ‘post’ that day, but write it the previous day and post date it. So l always know what the next day’s post will be about.

    But l no longer give it any direct thought other than l know that today l wrote tomorrow’s post which is about gardening. I have not written Monday’s post yet as that will be written tomorrow.

    I have ideas about what l want to write, but because l run a lot of series – it’s not hard for me to chop and change at a moment’s notice. This week for instance as in Monday 8th – Sunday 14th – l have ‘loose’ plans to create 2 x 24 Hour blog questions, 1 x Down memory Lane the 1980’s, 1 x a slice of life entry, 1 x a stepping out entry, 1 x a journal entry and maybe a 1 x recycled poem that’s 7, and any of that could change.

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