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Blogging Insights – New Format # 16

To blog =

To share

To connect

To create

To inspire

If you were to turn the definition of blogging into a mathematical expression, it would probably look like the above quote. All of these aspects of blogging are equally important and add up to make the some total that is this awesome activity.

I tried to think which of these attributes I would rank at the top. If you were to look at them in the reverse order, I think that is how I might rate them.

Sometimes a writing prompt or a post that you read inspires you to start thinking about the issue. Then you create a piece of writing and post it on the blogosphere. This way you connect with other bloggers and readers. Once the process of commenting begins, your thoughts have been shared. More literally, if other bloggers like this post they can reblog it or share a link to it on other social media platforms.

So I agree with today’s quote wholeheartedly.

What do you think? I would love to know.

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23 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – New Format # 16

  1. I’m not anywhere nearly as inspired as I was ten years ago. I have issues — many on my critical list — but I can’t harp on them constantly. Even those who agree with me get tired of hearing the same stuff repeatedly. I get weary of posting variations on the same theme. The problems we have and our world has didn’t happen yesterday or even five or six years ago. They won’t go away anytime soon. I wish they would. So I write if I feel inspired and try not to run on when inspiration fails to hit me. I find it strange to be saying this because for a long time, I could always find something to write. Not so much now. So, unless I get the push that screams: “WRITE THIS NOW,” I don’t.

    My response will be up tomorrow morning.


  2. To blog =
    To share
    To connect
    To create
    To inspire

    Interesting configuration … to blog =

    To express …
    To motivate that expression ,
    To be read and then perhaps it would be ..
    To create,
    To inspire
    To reach out…
    …… to connect,
    ……… share and experience =
    To blog.

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      1. Hey Tanya, yes they do – it’s a good question as it allows the answer to display personal reflection 🙂

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