Sunday Poser # 56 – Lonely?

This week my question is;

Do you ever feel lonely? And if you do, how do you overcome the feeling?

With three young adult kids living at home and my mum at five minutes’ drive, I have not expected loneliness yet. When my kids move out and /or my mother passes away I might get lonely especially since I am no longer working.

I have seen people who are lonely and felt their pain. Some of my friends are widowed, divorced, retired or empty nesters. For them, loneliness is like an illness, sapping at their vitality and spirit. It can cause physical and mental illness too.

The pandemic has brought a lot of loneliness in its wake. Lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing, all have taken their toll.

Luckily, modern technology allows people to connect in a way that was unimaginable even twenty five years ago. With a smart phone or other device you can stay in touch with friends and family across oceans and time zones. You can find a community of like minded people and interact with them on social media platforms .

Finally, my advice is :

Stay busy and you won’t feel lonely.

Let’s see if this works for me when I am on my own.

Written for Sunday Poser # 56, a prompt created by Sadje of KeepItAlive

8 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 56 – Lonely?

  1. This has gotten me, right in the heart. There have been a lot of times in my life, where I’ve been surrounded by people and still felt lonely. I know I’m not anyone’s “favourite”, and as I’ve gotten older. I’ve become more okay with it, I’m my favourite me. I think the biggest test in someone’s life is to be okay with themselves.
    Watching my independent Grandmother, with her dementia turn into a mess being by herself. Makes me even more determined to be satisfied to be by myself.

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    1. I completely agree with your point of view.
      You are the only person who can make you truly happy and if you can do that you will never be sad or lonely.

      I feel for your grandma. My mother is headed in the same direction though she is not there yet.

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  2. The wife and I have been empty nesters for 5+ years. We have a ying/yang relationship so our similar interests are few. Totally agree, you have to like yourself and have interests. Also, don’t become a shut-in. Spend an afternoon at a coffee shop, the library, a book store. DOn’t have to interact but just being around people mitigates that lonely feeling.

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