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A recipe for holiday happiness


The ingredients for this recipe are very simple. Everyone has all of them at any given time.

We may sometimes relegate them to a corner cupboard or the cupboard under the stairs.

So before you begin take some time to locate them and lay them all put in order.

Liquid ingredients

Milk of human kindness 2 cups

Tears of joy one teaspoon

Essence of humility half teaspoon (even a few drops will do)

Dry ingredients

Tolerance 2 cups

Contentment one cup

Generosity of spirit 2 level tablespoons

Humour 3 heaped tablespoons


Use a large mixing bowl with plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Very gently mix the liquid ingredients together with a wooden spoon.

Sift the dry ingredients carefully.

Now fold the dry ingredients into the liquid mixture.

Be very careful that you do not overdo the mixing. Use a silicone spatula–silicone is temperature resistant and flexible hence ideal for temperamental cooks.

Put the mixture in a cake tin of your choice.

Then place in an oven preheated with personal warmth and friendship

Cover the finished cake with a frosting of family traditions.

Decorate by sprinkling with personal anecdotes.


Your Cake of Happiness is ready to share with family and friends.

Happy Holidays.

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  1. I attempted to reblog this, it’s something very worth sharing I think. I’m not sure that “Press This” worked, but I did include your link back, so hopefully folks will find it anyway! Great post! Happy New Year!

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