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Blogging Insights – New Format # 24

You’ve got a new story to write and it looks nothing like your past.”

As you can see above, I got today’s quote off Instagram. Taken in the context of blogging, in my opinion, it is means that a new idea will help you write in a new way. I don’t agree with the quote since even when you have new ideas your creative expression or writing style remains the same.

What do you think?

17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – New Format # 24

  1. My new story is about a visually impaired woman trying to find out who killed her husband. I was told by someone that I shouldn’t write this story because I can see, but I disagree. As long as I do my research, I will do the story justice.

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  2. It’s an interesting idea to consider. For me, writing is more a reflection of my own evolution. Change? Maybe or maybe not – more like riding waves.

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