What do you see # 115 – January 3, 2022


Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit; Dimhou Pixabay

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a black and white kitten playing with a green flower-bearing shoot growing in between the paving stones.

This little guy reminds me of a stray kitten who adopted us a few years ago. He was black and white like the tyke in the picture but only a few days old. We wonder why his mother had abandoned him but took care of him. He would not lap up milk from the saucer laid out for him . We had to use a plastic syringe (without the needle) as an impromptu feeding bottle .

The little guy was full of spunk. He would try to stalk and then pounce upon birds and humans too. He was an energetic little bundle of joy and we grew quite attached to him.

Sadly, this story has a tragic ending. The kitten had been with us for a week, living in our back verandah when all our family had to go out of town for the weekend. We made our daily cleaner responsible for looking after the little cat.

When we returned he was nowhere to be seen. He had been abandoned twice, once by his mother and once by us, his surrogate family.

This true story was written in response to What do you see? ,a prompt created by Sadje of KeepItAlive.


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