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5 Fave Winter Holiday Snacks

The winter holidays are all about lazy mornings and evening parties. When the weather becomes inclement it’s better to stay in. Today I have asked you to name five snacks that you enjoy during the holiday season. Here are my favourites:

Hot Beverages

My favourite winter leisure activity is enjoying innumerable cups of tea while I read in an oversize cosy armchair or catch my favourite shows. When it is raining, steaming mugs of coffee, cocoa or hot chocolate are always welcome.


There is no particular season for chocolate but it seems to taste so much better in winter. Coffee goes so well with dark chocolate, my preference being LindtOrange Intense or 90% Dark.


This is a healthy choice when it comes to holiday munching. Kudos to you if you pop it fresh on the stove top, fewer points if you make the microwave kind. Lazy bones like me can buy them ready to eat. I love the mixed kind with ten salted to one Caramel flavoured.

Frozen Pizza & Quiche

My kids buy these frozen and heat them to eat at any time of the day or night. I keep grumbling about their high sodium content but secretly don’t mind having them once in a while.

Fruit & Nuts

These are the best kind of snacks ready packaged by nature. I love peanuts, almonds and walnuts in their shells. Sitting by the fire , armed with a nutcracker and a handful of nuts is a cozy way of spending long winter evenings.

What are your favourites?I would love to know.

16 thoughts on “5 Fave Winter Holiday Snacks

  1. Mmmm… I do enjoy a good cup of hot coffee (especially in the morning) and hot cocoa or hot tea is always nice in the afternoon/evening. I use to go for milk chocolate but now lean towards dark chocolate or occasionally) white chocolate. About the only time I can even consider buying chocolate is in the Winter months (and maybe the fall)…Otherwise it tends to melt all over. Summer months? Forget about it, the only choice then is to buy and literally stand in the store and eat it right then and there 😂 😂.

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