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Blogging Insights — New Format # 26

Instead of a quote, I have chosen something different for today :

sign posts saying hope, regrets

In the image above, the sign saying HOPE points forwards and the sign saying REGRETS points backwards.

January is a good time to take stock of everything, your life, career, dreams or blog. Today I ask you to share your HOPES for your blog in 2022 as well as your REGRETS (if any).


For the past year, I have not been able to give my blog as much time and effort as I wanted. So this year I hope to :

Post more frequently.

Visit other blogs and comment on their posts far more.

Revamp my blog . I would like to make some changes in the layout etc.


If you turn my hopes upside down you will see my regrets.

Hope and Regrets image courtesy Pixabay.

24 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 26

  1. I try not to simply “like” a post. Most blogs are intended to engage so I prefer to think of regret as “careful for what you wish for.” Much like yourself, format changes are always a thought. I’m considering posting content changes to make the blog more engaging. I spend a significant amount of time on each post. In reality, I’ll probably leave things exactly the way they are.

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  2. Obviously, hope focuses on looking forward, while regrets clearly come from looking back. That being said, Why is pointing right “forwards” and pointing left “backwards”? If the signs had been pointed opposite (hope to the left and regrets to the right) would you still be able to say “pointing forward” and “pointing backwards”, or would the image seem wrong? Just curious.

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  3. “In the image above, the sign saying HOPE points forwards and the sign saying REGRETS points backwards.”

    Is this not simply a matter of perspective only Tanya ? I see it as hope to the right and regrets to the left. We need to have regrets in order to appreciate the hopes.

    We need both in order to move forwards and not backwards. Regrets and hopes share the same space.

    I have learned to not bother with this methodology anymore as in hopes and regrets, they are part and parcel of our lives. there will always be regrets in our lives, l think the biggest hope is to never regret our regrets 🙂

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