5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic

Life as we knew it changed a great deal with the pandemic. We humans, being an adaptable species, changed with it. Certain behaviours were reinforced while others were lost. For 5things Tuesday let us enumerate things we no longer do or do less frequently.

Wearing “propershoes.

With the lockdowns and work from home, most people have spent the past two years in their “house shoes”. I have spent all this time in flip-flops, trainers, and low heeled wedges. Walking and standing for long periods in my high heeled formal shoes is something I will have to learn to do again.

Meaningless Small Talk.

Although I am very comfortable chatting for hours on end with close friends, I am not very fond of polite small talk. Despite this, I used to be quite good at meaningless conversations in formal situations. This skill has grown rusty in the past two years. I can still do it but it gives me a headache.

Navigating quaint old fashioned markets.

I have always preferred old fashioned shops and markets. Modern shopping malls seem “characterless and soul less” to me. Yet poky little shops can’t come up to social distancing standards so I haven’t been to any in the past two years.

Enjoying street food.

Street food used to be part of my quaint bazaar shopping sprees. My city Lahore has some of the tastiest food stalls in the world. Sadly, these too have become taboo in the pandemic.

Swooping on bargains at end of season sales.

I used to be a great fan of “end of season” sales, hunting marked down items with an eagle eye. The “going out of business” and “everything must go” sales were my particular favourites. Although buying more stuff for less money was a big incentive, it was the thrill and excitement of swooping down on a bargain before anyone else did that was even more fun. This seems a thing of the past with socially distanced shopping.

I could go on and on with this rant but I don’t want to bore you.

How about you? What so called or actual skills have you lost during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own.

26 thoughts on “5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic

  1. I’m with you on the shoes. I have never liked shoes anyway but now I am usually in my sock feet at home. Going back into the world I will stay with my flats and tennis shoes because at almost 74 – high heels are never going to be part of my world again.

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  2. I’m almost pissed when people begin to talk longer than 7 minutes..I mean shut the f**k up..will ya!? Silence is the new me. My head goes into auto shut mode if I’m bombarded with too much info or excess noise.
    Get to the point faster…don’t go about in circles

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  3. My patience is waning, actually, I have none now. I make a point of always dressing for work but I have been wearing jeans and tennis shoes for a decade…. I try to visit my favorite coffee/tea or sandwich shops but if I walk in and they are crowded, I walk out. Crowds make me very uncomfortable now.

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  4. Hi Dr T.
    I don’t own any ‘proper’ shoes and live in trainers or my slippers when indoors. I have a pair of boots though, but currently not cold enough to wear those yet.
    Luckily I can still hold a conversation with the checkout staff about their day while many purchases are being run through. That has not changed during the pandemic, nor will it as I know first hand what a thankless job it can be.
    Markets are not what they used to be and ours has more than halved in size since the pandemic.
    Since losing Maggie, we have had the opportunity to ‘eat out’ but this didn’t happen for months, though now that some cafes are open, if there is plenty of space where we like to get our coffee, we will ‘sit in’.
    Browsing through end of season sale items was never really my thing anyway as if I spotted a bargain that we needed, I would usually have it whatever time it was.
    Here’s my post

    5 Things Tuesday : 25th January

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  5. I feel the same about small talk, and have totally lost all skills in real-time communication, lol. Am so lost whenever I’m required to make small talk now. I’ve lost all cadence and knowledge on topics to talk about. But I guess that’s fine, because I don’t want to be so skillful that I keep people around. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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