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5 Little Things That Cause Big Time Annoyance

One of the things that I love best about blogging is that I can say whatever I want unafraid of being judged. I am lucky to have a very supportive and courteous group of people in my blogging community. Hence I can rant away to my heart’s desire.

Often, for 5ThingsTuesday, I enumerate some of my favourite things and ask you to share yours’. Today I am sharing some little things that can cause a lot of irritation. Here goes:

1. Picking up someone else’s glasses and wearing them by mistake.

2. Losing my keys for the umpteenth time.

3. Leaving my cell phone behind when I leave the house.

4. My glasses getting steamed up by my breath whenever I read with my mask on.

5. Sanitising my hands every time I handle money.

How about you? Do you have any little irritants that can really annoy you?

Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own. Please tag it #5things

17 thoughts on “5 Little Things That Cause Big Time Annoyance

  1. Your #4 is my #1, I hate wearing glasses with a mask. Unlike your #3, I often forget where I left my phone in the house. Fortunately, I’ve gotten very good at using the “Find my phone” app. The other day I dropped the phone while on a walk but was able to follow it until I intercept the person who found it. Your #5, welp I was chastised at a coffee shop for using cash. As I’ve always been a germaphobe I give no thought to washing my hands etc.

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  2. Putting on someone else’s glasses, how long does it take to notice??

    Let’s see, for me:
    1. Drivers who can’t find their turn signal
    2. Trying to get wet parsley leaves unstuck from my fingers
    3. Trying to open the flimsy plastic bags in the meat section of the grocery store with dry fingers while wearing a mask (gone are the days of licking my fingers!)
    4. Tripping over a perfectly level floor
    5. Dusting (is there anyone out there who actually likes this?)



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