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Blogging Insights — New Format # 29 — Spam


Successful people don’t spam.”Adrienne Smith


I might not be particularly successful as a blogger but I definitely do not spam. In my humble opinion, this quote should have been, ” Honest people don’t spam. “

WordPress has a free built-in plug in called Akismet which filters spam, the malicious content that can infiltrate our comments section. Inspite of this several “dishonest” things find their way into my comments section and have to be deleted one by one.

I am sure this happens to you too. You might have come across a comment saying, “I think this is a great post. Do check out my blog.” There may be no harm in this but you can bet this person has not read your post.

Then there are the link dropping spammers who paste their links in your comments section ‘without as much as a by your leave.’ The worst kind of spam is where business bloggers choose to advertise their products in your comments section.

Not only are spam comments irritating, they are a huge waste of time.

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