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5 Re-readable Books

Re – reading a book that you have enjoyed before is like eating comfort food. You know that you like it and that it will give you the same pleasure that you experienced with it before.

I have been reading favourite books and authors to de-stress and unwind for as far as I can remember. These are of necessity light reads like romance or cozy mysteries.

It is difficult for me to stay restricted to just 5. However, let me try :

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer

Village School by Miss Read (Dora Saint)

The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E. M. Delafield

What are your favourites that you have enjoyed more than once?

I would love to know.

25 thoughts on “5 Re-readable Books

  1. The poisonwood Bible, Jane Eyre, The Beach, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mists of Avalon… that’s my top 5 of the top of my head. I’m sure I could come up with at least a couple more I’ve read at least twice if I think hard enough!

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