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Blogging Insights — New Format # 31 — Focus on Readers

a blog that's great for your readers quote

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. ” – Brian Clark

Continuing last week’s theme of generating interest today’s quote focuses on readers too. Brian Clark wants you to produce content that is great for your readers.

What kind of content is great for readers? Won’t that depend on who the readers are? Unless you are posting with a particular demographic in mind, how can you predict what kind of topics will appeal to people who visit your blog?

As far as the topic or subject matter of posts is concerned, I don’t agree with this quote. If you take a great post as being one that is free of typos, is written clearly and coherently then I admit grudgingly that Mr. Clark is correct.

What do you think? Please let me know by leaving a reply in my comments section.

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16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 31 — Focus on Readers

  1. The quote is open to numerous interpretations including your comment about “free of typos, is written clearly and coherently .” I would argue if the stated purpose of the blog is about “pies” a post about the local museum would be wrong – unless, of course, the museum has a snack shop with pies. Now, if he means to write what people want to read – he is wrong. This is your blog, write what you want and if some topics are not of interest to everyone, GREAT.


  2. On the whole, I disagree with this quote. I do see your point about legibility (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.), but if you aren’t writing something that you are happy with, then it doesn’t really matter if anyone else is happy with it. Unless you are genuinely getting paid to write, your first obligation is satisfying what you want to see on your blog. At least that’s how I see it.


  3. I can see where the quote is coming from, however … there are two chains of thought on this: However both are the same, pending of course on who the creator is creating for…

    1] A business blog
    2] A personal blog

    As l said last week, we may write for ourselves but we blog for others. Meaning, if we wish to have our content read then we have a duty to create good content. Good content means that it will be read by readers poor content will not be.

    This is where it can get difficult however and especially on the likes of the platform WordPress. Many readers, writers and bloggers alike, barely read content even by those they follow. The Like is hit too quickly and comments are a thing of beauty when received. If we wish to eliminate this … then we MUST create good content for our readerships. The difference is to NOT only create content for those reading, but to create content you as the creator are happy with. So the compromise is to create content you like and the readers will read and like as well.

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    1. Very well put Rory.
      I must point out, however, that sometimes you can’t read all that you want on the blogosphere; life happens1
      For instance, I have been so busy this past year that all the posts I have read have been respponses to my two weekly prompts.

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      1. Hey Tanya – l don’t know anyone that can read everything by those that they follow. Anyone who says they can is either lying and trying to look good or spends 48 hours per day reading [which can’t be done].

        Life gets in the way of life, that is the very essence of life itself.

        These days l read the blogs that l follow for a total of one hour in the evening only and even then that means l read a total of three actual blogs a day with perhaps a total of 9 published posts.

        I spend 45 minutes a day responding to comments.

        I spend 2 -4 days per month creating post dated content for an entire month or thirty day period, the rest of my time is spent being busy with life, because life is for living and not spending all day blogging – so worry not about any limitations you have when it comes to the blogging arena, we each do what we can do when we can do it 🙂

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