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Blogging Insights — New Format # 33 — Different & Unique


Matt Wolfe

There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.”


I basically agree with this quote, but like someone said it’s all in the details“. Let’s take the example of clothes : two women can wear the same dress but end up looking different. The way they do their hair, the accessories they wear and ultimately how they carry themselves will determine how they look.

Our blogs are a better example. Lots of people post about a topical subject but only some are interesting. Nearly everyone in the blogosphere wrote about Covid 19 but not all the articles were good.

Going back to the example of clothes,

” It’s not what you wear, it’s the way you wear it that counts. “

This is only one way of looking at the quote. It can have other interpretations.

What do you think?

Please let me know by leaving a reply in my comments section. Better still, why not write a post of your own. Just remember to tag it #blogginginsights

17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 33 — Different & Unique

  1. Personally, I read blogs more for people’s insights than information. The only information I typically provide is my opinion. On the occasion I read a blog about things I know, I agree it must be presented interestingly.


  2. Reminds me of my mother’s admonishment when I was quite young: “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it”. Now that I’m old, I see her point.

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  3. It’s the edge a writer puts on the information they are presenting to the readership – one slant will always be different to the next angle.

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