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Blogging Insights-New Format #35 – See no evil …..

I am sure you are all very familiar with this quote, or saying, or whatever:

See no evil, hear no evil , speak no evil.

You may well ask what this has to do with writing or blogging. A great deal, in fact.

Blogging has a lot to do with opinions and views. When you publish a post, it is interesting only when you infuse it with your own ideas and opinions. Bare facts can be found on Wikipedia and myriad other websites.

Coming to the “evil” part , this can be taken in several directions . Today I am going to stick with just a couple.

We can take “evilas being so many things. It can be hatred, discrimination, prejudice based on gender, race or age. Or it could be the use of foul language.

Another place where bloggers might find unkindness or prejudice is their comments section. Some people leave nasty comments on blogs as well as other social media platforms. Such people obviously don’t know that , “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

Let me share an example of this : Some time ago I took a longish sabbatical off work to look after my family full time. Although it cost me a lot in terms of my career but this decision brought me a lot of fulfillment in my personal life. I shared this in a blog post. In my comments a guy really came at me asking if I was for real etc.

Coming back to the three wise monkeys in the above image, I don’t know if I have interpreted the saying correctly. Isn’t that the beauty of blogging? There is no correct answer OR all answers are correct.

What do you think?

Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own.

10 thoughts on “Blogging Insights-New Format #35 – See no evil …..

  1. If you don’t care for your family, who will. There are poeple who live for work and those who work to live. I view work as a nasty 4 letter word that I have to endore to live. Respecting the decisions of others is paramount. If you (figuratively speaking) want to spend 80 hours per week working have at it, its not my place to say otherwise.

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