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5 Movies Better Than Books

We are having fun writing about books in the 5things prompt. Let’s make it more interesting by throwing movies into the mix. Today I ask you to name :

5 movies that you liked better than the books that inspired them.

Here’s my list :

The Devil Wears Prada

Julie & Julia

The Godfather

The Princess Diaries

Hidden Figures

15 thoughts on “5 Movies Better Than Books

  1. Generally, if I’ve read and enjoyed a book, the film is never quite as satisfying. Largely, of course, because often what I imagine as I read bears no reality to the film which tends to “play around” with the characters, plot and even ending.

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  3. Agreed on the one’s I’ve seen. I would add No Country for Old Men, weirdly, because McCarthy is one of my all tome favorite authors. But while the book wasn’t exactly one of my favorites of his (it felt middle of the road among his works to me), the film is truly fantastic.

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