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5 Things Taken For Granted

I try to keep the mood light for 5ThingsTuesday but sometimes the prompt takes a turn for the serious.

Today I ask you to list 5 things that you sometimes (or always) take for granted.

Here is my list :


My health

Running hot & cold water

The Planet

The fact that both my parents were bi-lingual so that I’m fluent in two languages (English & Urdu)

What do you think? I would love to know.

20 thoughts on “5 Things Taken For Granted

  1. I would love to be bi-lingual, I blame my parents for the fact that I am not! With my writer’s imagination I don’t take anything for granted – I am always relieved when I come home to find my house is still there – with its hot and cold running water!

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  2. I have to agree with your first 4 items adn I take for granted the world speaks English (I thanks the British for that). I would add to it though “Employment” & sadly “Family”

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