Sunday Poser # 74

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week Sadje’s question is;

Do you like using emojis in your post, or texts?

I absolutely adore emojis, although I’ve yet to use emoticons. Emojis are a lot of fun. They’re cute and expressive . They provide interest and colour to informal communications. I use them all the time in text messages and WhatsApp chats. I don’t usually use them in blog posts but add them to my comments all the time.

When I comment on someone’s post I often add an emoji according to the context. When I am thanking someone in the comments section I nearly always add a flower or a smiley.

An emoji can also help you out of a tight corner or awkward situation. When I am not really sure of how to respond to a text message or comment I leave a cute face. I think it shows the sender that I have read and responded even when I am unsure of my response.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 74

  1. I totally agree with the “getting you out of a tight spot”. There have been times when I read something and although it isn’t awful, it really isn’t my thing or maybe even that good. What do you say? Do you completely lie and say you loved it? Well that opens you up to possibly reflecting on why you loved it. It is just more polite to give a smile and a “hey, great job writing”!

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  2. I am perhaps an outlier. I am not a fan of emojis and rarely rarely use them in posts. Some commenters over-use them to a cringe-worthy extent – like more than half a dozen. They are useful for instances of language barriers, however, and like you say for getting out of a sticky situation. Great, thought-provoking post.

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