“Y” is for whY

Why are detective stories the most popular genre in fiction? What makes them so popular?


Crime fiction often has a faster pace than other genres. You can lose yourself in a page-turner and forget everything else.

Puzzle solving

Detective stories with their clues, alibis and red herrings pose a mental challenge. You might enjoy the intellectual puzzle and try to solve the mystery.

Human behaviour & psychology

Crime fiction deals with the baser aspects of human nature. Emotions and reactions help establish motives.


For me, the place and period where the Story is set are important. For example, cosy mysteries are usually set in a small town or village.

What do you think, why do we love crime fiction?

7 thoughts on ““Y” is for whY

  1. I like both the challenge of solving the mystery and the action that takes place in the story. Yesterday I saw ‘death on the Nile’ it was an adaptation of the book by the same name by Agatha Christie. The movie was okay, not what one would except from a all star cast.


  2. Reassurance

    If you read them from the back you can skip reading them if they don’t end satifactorily. Also, I hate to waste time and get disappointed/sad. No more blind unwise sad waste of time! foir me! Life is sad enough as iit is!



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