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5 Fave Healthy Foods

5 things Tuesday

The Internet is full of advice about what food is healthy and what food will rot our teeth and our brains. In an attempt to live longer healthier lives and to avoid falling prey to pandemics you might be trying to eat healthier. Health foods or healthy foods do not always have to be the less tasty option. Thankfully there ae several that are good for you and miraculously taste nice too. Today I ask you to list five of your favourites.

Here’s my list:


As a snack, small lunch, dessert or appetiser, you can’t beat fruit. It requires zero preparation and mostly comes pre-packaged by nature. You can slip an apple in your handbag and backpack without any wory of stains or smells. I love nearly all kinds of fruit. When travelling to a new country, part of the appeal is sampling the local fruits.


Did you know that an average almond is only six calories? Six to eight almondds are enough to keep off the munchies while staying a low calorie snack. There is a lot of variety in nuts. Keep a jar of your favourite mixed nuts in your desk drawer and you will be fine if you can’t take a break for lunch. My favourites are peanuts and walnuts, with almonds and cashews a close second. I love pecans too but I am not too fond of hazelnuts or macadamia.

3.Multigrain and Multiseed Bread

bread seeds

Luckily, I love chunky breads, whether sliced or in rolls. Toasted, these are great substitutes for cookies and cake at tea time. Topped with cheese or vegetables or meat, they turn into a satisfying lunch or dinner.


raspberry ice lollies

Can you believe that I actually prefer frozen yoghurt to ice cream? The softer kind is fun to eat with a spoon and of course, the frozen yoghurt lollies are yummy too. Give me thick Greek yoghurt over cream anytime. It forms a great topping for fruit salads and granola.


I enjoy granola in all its forms. Combined with milk or yoghurt it is delicious. I also enjoy eating it dry instead of crisps or popcorn. There are so many different combos of fruit,cereal and nuts available that most supermarkets and health food stores leave you spoilt for choice.

What are your favourites,? I would love to know.

There are people who abhor healthy food or any kind of food that is good for them. If you are one of those, you are welcome to list the ones you dislike least or the ones you absolutely hate. Either way, it could be a fun list.

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