5 Things You Are Glad You Bought

5 Things Tuesday

After the pandemic and during the current geopolitical situation inflation is on an upward spiral. This leads you to evaluate more carefully what you spend on. It seems like a good idea to do a couple of 5things posts on shopping decisions.

Today I ask you to list

5 Things You Are Glad You Bought

Here’s my list:

My Smart phone

It must be more than ten years ago that I first bought a smart phone but I still can’t get over how useful it is. It serves as a laptop on the go. Via various apps it lets me stay in touch wit family, friends and the world. I do a lot of my blogging and net surfing on it.

My Laptop

I bought my laptop long before I got my smartphone so this is the device that opened up the Internet for me. Always a technophobe, I rarely went near the family desk top computer. My laptop helped me overcome my technologically challenged personna. It allowed me to research and write a thesis for my postgraduate degree.

Four sturdy plastic chairs

Five years ago, I bought four sturdy yet lightweight red plastic chairs. At that time I had a big garden and I got the chairs as extra garden furniture. Even though I have moved to a smaller house since, these chairs continue to be useful. They are easily portable extra seats whenever there are more guests than usual. During the lockdown they served as barber’s chairs for at home haircuts. Did I mention these highly useful chairs are also stackable? When not in use they take the space of only one chair.

Lots of books

Both my parents had Literature degrees so I grew up with a lot of books. I have always loved books and keep adding to my collection. There are very few that I regret buying. Most of them I enjoy very much or find very useful. It is hardly surprising that I keep running out of shelf space !

Trainers / Running shoes

I have always loved shoes even more than clothes and jewellery. However, I like my shoes to be pretty. I was never a fan of sporty” shoes like trainers or joggers preferring to go for walks in comfy sandals. A year ago my daughter forced me to buy a very expensive pair of trainers and now ” I’m a believer”. I am completely hooked on the degree of comfort they provide so that I wear them not just for walks but for shopping too.

What about you, what items are you glad you bought? Do let me know in a comment or a post of your own.

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