5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

5 Things Tuesday

After the pandemic and during the current geopolitical situation inflation is on an upward spiral. This leads you to evaluate more carefully what you spend on. It seems like a good idea to do a couple of 5things posts on shopping decisions.

Today I ask you to list

5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

Here’s my list:


Growing up, I loved going through my mum’s Women’s Own, Women’s Weekly, House and Garden type of magazines. Before I started using social media, I used to love buying magazines too. Now, with Instagram and other apps, I no longer need magazines for fashion spreads, style tips, self help articles etc.

Watches & Alarm clocks

Ever since I got my cell phone, I have stopped wearing a watch. Alarm clocks have become redundant too since I set as many alarms as I like on my phone, sometimes within five minutes of each other.


Whatever I cook is usually of the “survival” kind, no fancy recipes for me. However, I have two bookshelves of cookbooks I have collected over the past twenty five years or so in the hope that I might be motivated into making something fancy. Hence I have curbed my cookbook buying.

Low fat packaged foods

I used to buy low fat cheese and milk for myself and my family but then I read that it was sugar and not fat that was the bad guy.

Going out clothes etc.

Ever since the pandemic struck, events have become few and far between. The formal clothes and shoes that I possess already are more than enough for the little socializing that happens these days.

What do you not buy anymore? I would love to know.

18 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

      1. Dont buy them anymore.. I an in menopause and timing was perfect now there is “ no tax” on these items , while I was needing those products we paid through the nose!! Now hey tax free..


  1. Living on a fixed income, there are so MANY things we don’t buy anymore. So far, we can still afford to eat and have electricity, but I don’t know what will happen when we have to heat the house next winter. With diesel up to more the $6/gallon, filling half the oil tank it mind boggling. By then, it might be $10/gallon.

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