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5 Things You Regret Buying

5 Things Tuesday

Many a time I have bought an item that seemed “just perfect ” in the store but turned out to be useless eventually. Are you a wise and discerning shopper or are you like me, buying on impulse and then living to regret it?

Here are 5things I would have been better off not buying:

1. A dress I bought without trying on.

2.Shoes that were a snug fit in the store but became painfully tight when I walked in them later.

3.A beautiful dress at a bargain price that was, again, a snug fit. I thought I would wear it after losing a few pounds. Predictably I gained several pounds and had to donate said garment.

4.A set of spherical cane chairs that look very trendy but take up too much space.

5.Books that remain unread. Such books keep sitting around and make me feel guilty since I never have the heart to chuck them.

What about you? Can you come up with 5things you regret buying?

Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own.

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