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Blogging Insights — New Format # 43 — “Hard work:


Desire to Write - Dean Koontz

“The desire to write well cannot be fulfilled without hard work.^ — Dean Koontz

My friend Melanie B. Cee found this quote for me.


This quote resonates with another older saying “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. Coming back to “writing well” we first need to define what it means. For Dean Koontz who is primarily a novelist , writing well would require a lot of hard work. Plot, characters, dialogue, editing ; a novel takes a lot of hard work.

For bloggers , writing well (in my opinion) means content that is interesting and accurate. Again , blogging content can be further divided into the “evergreen” kind which always remains relevant and the “short lived” kind such as writing prompts, Q and A posts etc.

Evergreen content requires work. You need to research facts and validate opinions. Easy readability is also a prerequisite for a piece that is meant to last so the writing style needs some effort too.

With short lived content (which by no means can be excused for being substandard) you can relax the rules a little. I find short lived content or writing prompts so much fun to write that it doesn’t feel like I am putting any effort in it.

What do you think? How far do you agree with Dean Koontz? I would love to know.

19 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 43 — “Hard work:

  1. My blog was originally started as a way to jot down personal memories so that I had them in written form. Alzheimer’s runs in my family and there are so many unanswered questions because of it.

    Eventually, it morphed into a variety of memories that included blogs on music, movies, TV and nostalgia. Obviously, it is much easier to write personal things. The others require a bit more work.

    While I’m sure I will never write a novel, I guess I see my blog site as my “autobiography” with each one being a chapter.

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  2. I absolutely agree, “The desire to write well cannot be fulfilled without hard work” and it applies in both scenarios, less so with the “short-lived.” I feel the focus of any blog is “desire.” There are those who only care about instant or quick gratification and those who are committed to producing a quality blog.

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  3. I think that you cannot achieve anything without hard work, but it is more than that. It is to take constructive criticism when offered. Admitting you need help of editors, and beta readers when writing a novel. It is difficult to spot your own mistakes, but easy to find it in others.

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  4. I would definitely agree with the quote. Not that it has any bearing on what he said, but I don’t care much horror, so I haven’t read anything Koontz has written that I know of.

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