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5 Fave Summer Drinks

5 Things Tuesday

We have been covering serious topics on this space for the past few weeks so it’s high time we changed the mood. Today I ask you to name

5 Favourite (Non alcoholic) Summer Drinks

Here is my list;

Fruit water / Infused water

I can’t get enough of fruit water whatever the weather. My favourite kind is made with strawberries and kiwi fruit. Any kind of sliced citrus is a close second although I won’t say no to cucumber water either.
Fruit water


This is the best summer drink of all time. You can jazz it up by adding other flavours like fresh mint or strawberries. Equally good with a little salt or black pepper, lemonade is good for your health too.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea with a twist of lemon and a sprig of mint is very welcome on a hot day. Whether you have been sightseeing on vacation or working through the summer iced tea is welcome on its own or flavoured with peach or strawberry.

Iced Americano

I “discovered” this on a trip to Seoul where locals had it with their burgers in place of Coca Cola. Ever since, I prefer it to Iced Latte or Frappe etc.

Water melon or other real fruit slush

What are your favourite summer soft drinks? I would love to know. You can tell us in the comments section or in a post of your own. Just remember to tag it #5things.

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22 thoughts on “5 Fave Summer Drinks

      1. Tea, fizzy soft drinks.
        Among our local drinks, I guess lassi is the most popular. It is supposed to be buttermilk that you get after churning butter, but it is usually made from diluted yoghurt. You can add sugar or salt.

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