5 Fave Summer Fruits 2022

I believe we have done summer fruits on 5things earlier but its fun to talk about them every year. Here in Lahore, Pakistan, we have a long drawn summer that stretches over six months. We have different fruits in the early, middle and late parts of summer. This year I am trying to list my favourites accordingly.


We get these in late spring or early summer . The way you enjoy strawberry is limited only by your imagination. I like them with a little artificial sweetener unless they are very sweet.


This is early summer fruit in our parts when the weather is hot and dry. Big chunks of cold juicy watermelon are welcome at every meal as well as between meals.

Plums & Apricots

I have lumped these together since they arrive together mid summer. Usually the monsoon rains have begun by this time. Cold plums and apricots are refreshing when the weather is hot and humid


Sliced peaches on theirare good as snack or dessert. Turn them into peach cobbler or crumble, serve with ice cream and you ate in heaven.


Mango is the king of summer fruit in Pakistan so mango season is a social occasion. When I was a child people used to hold mango parties. There were huge aluminium tubs of ice with the sweet yellow fruit floating in them Everyone rolled up their sleeves and ate to their hearts content, the sweet juice trickling down to their elbows. Now folks have gotten more sophisticated and content themselves with sending small wooden crates of mangoes to each other.

What are your favourite summer fruits? I would love to know.

9 thoughts on “5 Fave Summer Fruits 2022

  1. The mango social sounds like such good fun. They’re fairly expensive here in U.S. . . . at least I thought so until I started to have them on occasion and realized just how satisfying they are—well worth the $2-3 as it makes such a significant part of a good snack or meal. Yes, another highly quenching fruit!

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    1. Fruit that is not indigenous is bound to be expensive.
      On a visit to Bangkok I acquired a taste for dragon fruit. I was thrilled to find some in a local supermarket a few days ago but did not buy since the price was prohibitive.

      Those mango “events” are a thing of the past . Life in today’s Pakistan has become too fast paced and “sophisticated “.

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