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5 Fave Vacation Activities

We are only half way through summer in my part of the world . There are still two more hot and humid months to get through. Most people are approaching the end of their summer vacation so I thought it would be fun to list:

My 5 Favourite Vacation Activities

1. Family movie night

I am a bit of a lazy homebody so this ranks high on my list. A pizza (or other food delivery) coupled with a good movie streamed by my kids off the Internet is my idea of fun. We love watching the latest releases as well as old Disney favourites

2. Shopping

When the kids were little and off school in the summer, I would also get a short summer break. This is when I would do most of my (non grocery) shopping for the year ahead. This practice has stayed with me even though I have more time on my hands. It is rather fun going around, browsing, hunting bargains, and stopping for snacks in between.

3. Travelling

This is, of course, the best kind of summer fun. The last time I travelled abroad was in 2019. We had a trip to Europe planned for the summer of 2020. Sadly, the pandemic struck in March 2020 and put paid to our plans. We have been to scared of Covid to travel since.

4.Quiet trips

Murree is a hill station only 6 hours drive from my home town Lahore. Since it is cool even at the peak of summer it is a very popular holiday destination.

Luckily there is a place in these hills that we can check into for a few days. It is sheltered from the hoards of tourists so is fairly quiet.

We just park ourselves there and chill. I usually take a carton of books. It is so much fun to just sit on the balcony and read especially when it is raining — continuous supplies of tea and snacks are a given. This type of lazy holiday really re charges my batteries.

5. Slowing down

In the summer holidays there was always a slowing of pace of the usually frenetic rat race. This was more so when my kids were at school, but I stil feel that sense of slowing down in the holidays.

17 thoughts on “5 Fave Vacation Activities

  1. We’re making one little jaunt up to Maine (Kennebunkport) for a couple of day to visit friends. The price of gasoline is making travel a bit difficult for those of us on fixed incomes, though at least the price is coming down. Maybe by the time winter gets here, we’ll be able to afford heating oil!



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