Tech-phobia — Sunday Poser # 92

Sadje, creator of the Sunday Poser prompt, asks us :

Are you tech-phobic?

I’m tech-phobic because I’m tech-challenged,

And I’m tech-challenged because I’m tech-phobic.

It’s a bit like, “was the egg before the hen,”

” Or was the hen before the egg?”

You are afraid of what you cannot do. I’ve always steered clear of machines and therefore technology. As a kid, I was scared of our electric food chopper, whereas my brother who was five years younger than I, used every gadget with our mother.

In the 90’s technology, in the shape of computers, became a part of every field in Pakistan. As a doctor, post graduate student and teacher of medical graduates, I needed to be abreast of technology. Like some people are “survival cooks”, I was a :survival ” user of technology, using the bare minimum to get by.

When I first started my blog, my daughter did all the technical stuff for me. Very slowly, I learned my way around WordPress. Thank God, I have learned the bare minimum to survive in the blogosphere too.

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