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5 things you buy in Sales

In most of the world, it is the end of summer and therefore the time for end of season sales. This week I ask you to talk about the items you like to buy on sale.

Those emerald green boots that were a crazy idea at full price won’t seem so extravagant when marked down. This is a nice time to stock up on bargains you can use the year round.

As for me, here in Pakistan we have at least one third of summer left. But we have mid-season sales these days.

Here’s a list of stuff I look for in sales:


When I was younger I loved trying out all the latest fashions. It didn’t seem sensible to spend a lot of money getting them full price so I would wait for them to be marked down. Now I know what works for me and what doesn’t but I will still get a scarf or some accessories in the latest styles.


I have always been a bit of an Imelda Marcos when it comes to collecting (no, amassing) shoes. It is therefore very natural for me to gravitate towards shoe sales. Once a friend tried to stop me during a shoe spree by saying, “But you have a black pair of sandals already,” . She was quelled by a stare as I told her those were in a different style.


No avid reader can ever have enough books. What better time to add to your favourite genres than during a sale. Being a techno-phobe, I had never shopped online unti the pandemic. During the past two years I kept my sanity by buying best sellers on line during sales and reading to my heart’s content.

Fancy groceries

In our supermarkets, fancy (and expensive) groceries like imported cereals and tinned food are often marked down a couple of months before expiry. I am always on the look out for signs like “Reduced to Clear” or “Buy one, get one free” when shopping for groceries.

Home decor items

You don’t really need another vase or new cushion covers every so often. If , however, they are available at a discount, what’s the harm.

Bargains, discounts, deals: these words are music to my ears. I often end up with items that don’t really “spark joy” Marie Kondo style but sometimes I find real gems.

How about you, are you susceptible to the “Call of the Mall” during sales? I would love to know.

16 thoughts on “5 things you buy in Sales

  1. Clothes certainly. I don’t buy clothes often and I do tend to wait until the items I want are reduced. Of course if you wait too long they may not have the colour and size you want but sometimes you get lucky.

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  2. Five things I might buy in a sale IF money wasn’t a consideration (which it is). Clothing. I need more clothes like I need more junk in my junk drawers! 😆 But time to time, some of them wear out (like jeans and underwear) and my go-to online store was having a 75% off sale, so I was able to buy two pairs of jeans, three bras and a new night shirt for little money. 🤑
    Groceries. Right now that is not a problem, but real life will come calling soon enough! There are two things, not five, but the intention is there..🤓

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  3. Yes, I find it quite hard to buy something at full price. Some of my favourite buys have been clothes I found reduced at garden centres or motorway services when we only stopped for coffee or lunch on a journey. My four other choices would be plants, I always look at the reduced ( rescue ) section, plant pots for indoors and outdoors, unusual items/ornaments I didn’t know I needed till I saw them and edible treats.

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      1. Mainly for lists or for writing down important phone messages. Most of the time, when we need to take a phone message, there’s almost always a frantic scramble trying to find a pen. 😄

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