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5 Books You Would Like to See Made Into Movies

We have been on the subject of movie adaptations of books for the past two Tuesdays. I thought why not extend the discussion and add a wishlist. You might be interested to know that Liberty Books, a bookstore in Lahore (my hometown) has a separate rack for books that have been made into movies.

Here’s my list of

5 Books I would love to see made into movies:

1. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

2. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

3. Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine

4. The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

5. The Five Find Outers Mysteries by Enid Blyton

Quite possibly, my knowledge is not up to date and some of my choices may have reached the big or small screen already. If so, please enlighten me folks.

What is your selection ? I would love to know.

17 thoughts on “5 Books You Would Like to See Made Into Movies

      1. Okay, so one

        “The Book of Accidents” by Chuck Wendig, it’s so weird,lol

        “Linnea in Monet’s Garden” Cristina Bjork (Author).

        “The Other Einstein” Marie Benedict

        Anything written by Kerri Maniscolo

        I would like to see the entire “The Shadowhunter Chronicles” by Cassandra Clare

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  1. 1. I would love to see a mini-series of Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. Preferably one in the same vein as the mini-series of her Archer’s Goon: All British actors. No big Hollywood names. And faithful to the book.

    2. I would also love a mini-series of the Sorcery and Cecelia books by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Steverner. Given that the story is written as a series of letters between the two main characters, being completely faithful to the book would be a challenge. I’d be curious to see how they would adapt it.

    I’m pretty sure there are other books I’d love to see as a movie or tv series, but the two above are my big, instant choices.


      1. No. The cemetery of forgotten books is a series of suspense novels set in in Barcelona while the Bohemian Trilogy is a mix of historical magic and the paranormal.

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