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Blogging Insights NF # 53


“A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership.” Robert Breault


A message in a bottle– is it a cry for help, or a map for hidden treasure? Who is it from, what will it lead to? Clicking open a link on the Internet is as random and as magical.

A blog is a tiny island in the great ocean of information out there in cyberspace. When you find a blog post that resonates with you , gives you the information or the support you need , it is like finding hidden pirate gold.

Coming upon a blog that you like opens up a sea of opportunities (I’m sorry, I can’t resist continuing the sea analogy). Commenting and interacting with the author and other readers makes you part of a like minded community where you can keep visiting to learn and to be entertained.

What do you think? I would love to know. You can leave a reply in my comments section. Better still, why not write a post of your own? Just remember to tag it

16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights NF # 53

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  2. To me, blogging is a safety measure to rid myself of the flood of ideas, memories, thoughts and old radio jingles. So far I still have my former educated information, but am at a point where I don’t remember passwords, for instance, which gets me in a lot of trouble, as from Google most recently, where I spent several days isolated from doing posts. I’m becoming a little racy in my declining yearss. Figure I don’t have that much to lose. Besides, it’s fun and stimulating. Thanks for asking… You asked for a post? Just posted “Anal Glands of Civets,” tagged weird humor.

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