5 Most Annoying Cliches

The word “cliché” was originally French for the sound of a printing plate, which prints the same thing over and over. ” (literaryterms.net)

A cliché is a phrase, sentence or image that has been used again and again. It is often repeated ad nauseum so that it becomes annoying.

Today I ask you to list the ones you find most annoying. Here’s my contribution:

1. Let’s agree to disagree.

2. Last but not least.

3. That can be taken as said.

4. It’s not an issue.

5. Sooner rather than later

I am sure I must have been guilty of using these some time or the other. But I find it irritating when I come across them now.

What about you, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “5 Most Annoying Cliches


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