Blogging Insights NF # 57 : Creative Clutter VS Neatness


” I like working among ‘creative clutter‘ . It gives me a sense of activity and achievement. ” — Fennel Hudson.


You are familiar with the stereotypical image of an artist or writer. The stereotype is someone with messy hair, rumpled clothing and cluttered surroundings.

Different people need different surroundings to be creative. Some like to be surrounded by “creative clutter”. Others need their space to be spick and span before they can get to work.

I tend to hover somewhere in the middle. Although I appreciate the comfort of a neat and tidy workspace it is not a prerequisite for my writing. For me, creativity depends more on the state of mind and body that I am in.

I can find a corner in a messy place and settle down to write. I can write in a moving vehicle , in the middle of a long supermarket queue or a doctor’s waiting room. For me, creativity depends more on my inclination than on my surroundings.

What about you?

How do you prefer your writing space, creatively cluttered or in apple pie order?

I would love to know.

You can drop me a line in my comments section or write a post of your own.

19 thoughts on “Blogging Insights NF # 57 : Creative Clutter VS Neatness

  1. My best ideas seem to come when I’m walking. I write them down wherever I can find to a place to sit: a washed-up log, a glacial erratic; but coffee shops with atmosphere are best. At home,I like my desk tidy.

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