5 Little Irritants

So many things about life and the world in general annoy you at any given moment. The post-pandemic economy, the Russia-Ukraine war, the effects of climate change ; all these things cause you encumbrance directly or indirectly. Yet it is the little tannoyances that you often find more irksome.

Here is my list of ‘minor’ irritants that annoy me big time:

1. Loud conversations.

Being prone to chronic headaches, a high decibel level can make a conversation annoying for me. This is especially so when people at a neighboring restaurant table are talking loudly. Equally annoying is people talking loudly on their cell phones in public places

2. Irrelevant details.

While details make a story or conversation interesting, there can be too much of a good thing. People (or writers) who insist on unnecessary detail cause me to zone out.

3. Over enthusiastic sales staff.

Although I am glad of help if I have a question, I mostly like to browse stores on my own. Some supermarkets in my part of the world have pushy sales staff trying to force a particular brand on you. This really gets my goat and I have ultimately learned to refuse politely but firmly.

4. Unannounced and unexplained tardiness.

In this age of cell phones it is so easy to send information that you are running late. People who brazenly show up late and offer no explain before or after are thoughtless and rude in my opinion.

5. Ill-mannered children.

While I adore cute as well as not so cute kids , I draw the line at bad manners. Children are high spirited and need to work off their energy but they need not be rude. Pushing and shoving or destroying things intentionally are inexcusable. Often the parents of such children pretend not to notice what is going on and I find that even more irritating.

I have let off enough steam for one day. Now it’s your turn to come up with 5 little things that raise your hackles big time

18 thoughts on “5 Little Irritants

  1. The last one really irritates me. Not in a little way—- It seems well behaved children are a thing of the past. Of course who can blame them when their parents act the same way? Anything goes. Last time I was in a store I was side hit on my wheelchair and had a “Mexican standoff” by the same boy about ten years old, enough to know better. The standoff occurred when he faced me with his wild empty grocery cart, not letting me move down the aisle. I refused to move and his apparent dad came up behind him and had witnessed his behavior banging into me twice already and did absolutely nothing.😡


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