Sunday Poser # 103 — Enjoying At Home

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

What are the things you enjoy the most when at home?

The pandemic has turned me into a certified homebody, although I believe I always had the potential. I enjoy travelling and socializing but I am truly happy at home. To tell you what I enjoy most at home I would like to divide this into my time at home with my family and my ‘alone time’.

With my family:

My husband, kids and I have several interests in common. Chief among these are books, movies and food. My idea of fun family time is sharing a good meal and a nice movie. When the weather permits, lunch on the patio is a close second. We also enjoy talking about and exchanging books we have read.

“Home alone”:

A good book, a cup of tea and a quiet corner are my favourites. Blogging is also a pleasant at home activity. I have been writing blog posts on my phone while on the go but doing it at home, preferably on my laptop, is much more fun.

Another ‘at home’ activity that I love is taking a walk either in my own little garden or in the park adjacent to my street. My walk is made more enjoyable if I listen to a podcast or YouTube audio too

I enjoy my ‘at home’ time so much that I have rambled on and on

. What about you? How do you enjoy your time at home?

Written for Sunday Poser, a prompt created by Sadje of KeepItAlive

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