Blogging Insights NF #60 — Memories of Melanie

Today’s Blogging Insights post departs from its usual format. I am dedicating this space to the memory of our dear friend Melanie B. Cee, who passed away yesterday.

A good friend

Melanie was a very supportive and warm hearted friend. She always had something positive to say about my posts. More than once, I thought of ending this Blogging Insights prompt but Melanie would say how much she liked it and I would keep at it.

A great blogger.

With her straight forward and humorous style of writing, Melanie’s posts were fun to read. She ran more than one prompt. Her Share Your World prompt was always a lot of fun.

Voracious reader and book lover

Melanie loved to read and would reccomend her favourite authors to others. I have never liked the horror genre but Melanie kept telling me to try Stephen King. Now I will do so in her memory.

Something she was strongly against was the banning of books that were written many years ago but were now deemed ‘politically incorrect’. Like me, she was of the opinion that books should be read in the context of their times.

Despite having firm opinions, Melanie was never judgemental or unduly critical. She believed in good manners and did not like noisy or thoughtless people.

Wirh Melanie in Utah and me in Lahore, we were across the world from each other. Yet we had similar views and ideas about many things.

I will miss her a lot.

Melanie has many friends on the blogosphere. I request them to share their memories of this wonderful person.

24 thoughts on “Blogging Insights NF #60 — Memories of Melanie

  1. I read last night about the loss of Melanie and was in shock Tanya. Since I joined WordPress in 2018 she has been bringing fun and emotion and colour and laughs and tears and more to WordPress. Such an amazing lady with a heart as deep as the ocean.

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  2. I have not been online much for the past few days as my sister and I unfortunately got Covid. This is the first I knew of Melanie’s passing. I enjoyed reading Melanie’s posts very much. She always had something interesting to say and she was incredibly generous with her time both in preparing posts for the prompts that she hosted and in taking the trouble to read and comment on everyone’s post.
    She will be sadly missed by me and the rest of our blogging community.

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      1. Thank you dear ⚘️
        You are very kind.
        You are right, I was really very upset over Melanie. It was completely unexpected for me since she had started blogging again and I thought she was getting better.
        But, such is life …….

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