5 Fusion foods

5 Things Tuesday is back. Today I ask you to name your favourite fusion food. It’s rather fun to combine different cuisines.

Here are my faves:

Hawaiian Pizza

This is pizza topped with (among other things) pineapple. The kind I like also has sweet corn kernels.

Tikka Pizza

A pizza is like a sandwich in that you change the topping and you have a different flavour. Chicken tikka is a Pakistani favourite that is delicious on its own. Whatever you combine it with is taken to the next level.

American Chop Suey

Stir fried vegetables, chicken or prawn, crisp hard noodles and oodles of ketchup based sauce. This one of my go to orders at Chinese restaurants.

Bun kebab

This is our Pakistani take on the beef burger. The burger pattie is what we call a shami kebab. The sliced bun is also filled with sauted onions, a little cabbage and loads of bright red ketchup.

Cheese Naan

Naan bread is yummy on its own. With a filling of cheese it’s heaven. But it’s only worth the calories if you are at a restaurant or an event where it is being made fresh.

Are you into fusion food? What are your favourites? I would love to know. You can tell me in my comments section. Why not write a post of your own? Just remember to tag it #5things.

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