5 Favourite Coffees

Coffee is a pleasure year round but it takes on a particular importance in winter. Warming your hands around a huge mug, taking in the aroma before you take the first sip is one of the best things about winter.

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Today, for 5ThingsTuesday, I am listing my favourite kinds of coffee and I invite you to do the same.


Nothing beats a good cappuccino. It doesn’t matter if you have it from a fancy cup or a takeaway cardboard cup, the taller the better. It’s a grand finale to a good dinner and a great accompaniment to a snack.

2.Flat White

This tastes almost the same as a cappuccino but with less froth. You get more coffee for your money this way.


This is not the go to for sophisticated coffee aficionados. I sometimes suffer from gastritis so the greater milk content of a Latte takes the ‘bite’ out of the coffee for me.

4.Cold Coffee with Ice cream

This is the first kind of coffee that I started to like as a child. We used to get it in cafes, in tall glasses with straws as well as long spoons for the dollop of ice cream floating in it.

5.Iced Americano

I developed a taste for this during a short stay in Insadong, a business district in Seoul. Corporate types as well as teeny boppers had it instead of cola drinks with their burgers and fries. There was a sugar syrup available to sweeten it but I preferred it on its own.

Are you a coffee aficionado? What are your favourites? Do let me know.

14 thoughts on “5 Favourite Coffees

  1. Great choices. I prefer Capuccino in the morning and a cafe Cubano after dinner. The Cubano is unheard of outside south Florida – thankfully I have relatives there. Lattes are good but if given the option, I choose Macchiato with heavy cream (not to be confused with that abomination Starbucks sells).

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      1. Made with a 6 cup moka pot, after the coffee is ready. Put 1/4 cup sugar in your cup and add some coffee, just enough to create a crema. Whip and whip until your arm hurts then poor the coffee over the crema. It will rise to the top. I normally don’t like anything this sweet but there is always an exception

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  2. Cafe Latte was the first coffee I loved, but I loved it best in Jerusalem. They made it so well. It was strong, but it was smooth and it was delicious. These days, I love my own brewed coffee in the winter and I make iced coffee in the summer. The only problem is having enough ice!

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  3. Not sure I can turn this one into a post.
    The list would look something like this…
    As you probably guessed I am not a coffee drinker so I will stick to reading everyone else’s responses, completely baffled at how you can drink that stuff as I sip on a spot of tea.

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