5 Gifts You Love Receiving

This is the season for gifts and parties all over the world even where Christmas is not a part of religion or culture. In my part of the world, the Winter Holidays coincide with the Wedding Season. There is an exchange of presents galore with family and friends visiting from overseas. This is why I have chosen favourite presents as today’s topic.

Here’s my list:


I love all chocolate except white and I think it is a universal favourite as presents go. Associated gift boxes are always welcome. Once someone gave me a bag of dark chocolate coated dried mixed berries. Yummy!


As a child, whenever someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I would say storybooks. My husband is a book lover and buys me books, all kinds, coffee table books, novels, anthologies, biographies.


These make such a lovely gift to give and to receive. I am an avid drinker of tea so I really enjoy biscuits.


This will probably be on everyone’s list. Perfume for me doesn’t have to be designer. It should smell nice and come in a pretty bottle.


Who doesn’t like receiving fresh flowers? Of course this is a gift that doesn’t last very long but the memory lasts forever.

What presents do you like to get? I would love to know.

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