5 Things Tuesday — “Anti – Resolutions “

Every new year you see articles and posts all around you discussing new year’s resolutions. Very often people make lofty promises to themselves which they usually break before the end of January. Today I ask you to name 5 “Anti – resolutions” or “Un – resolutions “

5 Things You Plan Not Doing This Year

Here’s my list :

Trying to do too much.

Growing up, ‘not wasting time’ was instilled in me as the ultimate key to success. This indoctrination has led me to multi task all my life, trying to be as productive as possible . I recently discovered that I was slave to ‘toxic productivity’ , a concept I intend exploring further. This year I’m going to try being less productive.

‘Great expectations’

Sometimes I tend to go out of the way for people even without their asking. In return, I expect my efforts to be if not reciprocated, then at least appreciated . This usually doesn’t happen and I end up feeling bad. I hope 2023 is the year when I stop expecting things of people.

Getting sucked into other people’s negative vibes

Some people have an aura of negativity and this rubs on to whoever they connect with. I am generally a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, but those who see their glass half empty have a depressing effect on me. This year I will try to be impervious.

Falling for emotional blackmail

Certain people are very good at using guilt to coerce people into doing their bidding. I often fall prey to such manipulation. This year I plan to not let them push my buttons.

Allowing toxic people to get to me.

Some people are rude, inconsiderate or plain nasty. Although I know they are toxic I still feel bad about what they do or say to me or about me. I’m trying to learn to ignore them but it is an uphill task.

How about you? What are the things that you plan to not do in 2023? I would love to know.

24 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — “Anti – Resolutions “

  1. Dr Tanya, I’m sure you realize your entire list is about removing toxicity. I’m all for it. Ive made great strives but #1 is a difficult transition. I would love to explore Tai Chi or Mindfulness but #1 prevents me.

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  2. I think we are all automated toward achievement, even when we are past a point in our lives where accomplishment has any positive meaning. We keep trying to “make our mark.” Working hard at things that ought to be fun, not work. Giving it up is harder than we think it could possibly be.


  3. Nice post Dr. Tanya. I agree that people make lofty or lucrative promises as the year ends but they usually cut them when January ends.
    My 5 not to do list or anti resolutions are:
    – Letting people play me/ use me
    -Forcing conversations
    -Getting rid of negative thinking
    -Getting rid of a lousy paycheck that doesn’t help my basic needs
    -Getting rid of bad habits

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