5 Things Tuesday — Global Change

If you could make 5 changes to the world, what would they be?

Here’s my list :

1. End of Pollution

2. Reversal of Global Warming

3. No more Covid 19 or any other disease causing menace.

4. End of war, genocide, suppression, oppression and discrimination.

5. A better human race.

What changes would you like to see in the world ?

15 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — Global Change

    1. I’d propose the following:

      1. Remove plastic from the oceans
      2. Eradicate food poverty across the globe … there’s no excuse for world hunger or malnutrition
      3. Put Britain back in the EU (I know that will be controversial)
      4. Education for all globally – kids everywhere should have a basic right to attend school and learn … irrespective of financial needs or gender
      5. Eradicate corruption in politics

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