Writing Prompts-Blogging Insights 3.0 # 3


How do writing prompts affect your creativity? Do they expand it, or do they restrict it?

Can they be considered ‘real’ or ‘true’ writing?

What is your favourite kind of prompt?


How do writing prompts affect your creativity? Do they expand it, or do they restrict it?

When I first started blogging, I was skeptical of writing prompts. I thought they were for people who could not come up with their own ideas. How wrong, and how shortsighted I was then, in 2018.

At the behest of my friend, blogger Sadje, I began to write in response to prompts. What a world it opened up for me ! I found that a prompt could trigger thoughts, ideas, and even long buried memories. Since then, I have become hooked to prompts, creating two of my own nearly every week.

I wish I could write posts in response to all the writing prompts out there. But that would be like saying, “I wish I could read all the books ever written.”

A writing prompt can never restrict your creativity. It does quite the opposite. Even those with strict word or sentence criteria are good exercises since they force you to be ingenious in expressing yourself in a particular way.

Can they be considered ‘real’ or ‘true’ writing?

It is often said by veteran bloggers with far more experience and talent than I that even a grocery list or recipe is ‘true writing’. The posts that arise in response to prompts are varied. They can be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, wherever your creativity takes you. All of these are forms of ‘real’ or true’ writing.

What is your favourite kind of prompt?

Whatever prompt strikes my fancy and makes me want to write is my ‘flavour’ of the moment. I enjoy the one word prompts, as you can take them in whatever direction you please. Once, I created a post made up entirely of images in response to a one word prompt. I find the question format easiest and quickest to do.

What about you? I would love to know what you think?

20 thoughts on “Writing Prompts-Blogging Insights 3.0 # 3

  1. I don’t think the source of inspiration makes any difference, and what matters is what you do with it.

    When I started blogging, it was all about the farm and the animals, and so completely different from writing about monsters, demons, and such like. I came across BlogBattle (https://bbprompt.com/category/theme-genre/) quite by chance and started responding to the monthly one-word prompt. In terms of inspiration, that one word hint is on a par with watching an enraged goose trying to disentangle herself from a bucket.

    Perhaps the greatest impact of the prompt is that I try to find something not too obvious, which certainly stirs my imagination. A recent prompt of
    “tender” got me a story of a bunch of hens plotting world domination, whilst “hypnotic” produced a tale of malevolent garden gnomes and the most recent “dynamic” fitted perfectly with competition between two of the cats for prime position in the lounge.

    I don’t see the writing being any less or more “real” for coming from a prompt. That most recent one linking to the cats might have been written whether or not the prompt came up, and several blog entries in 2021 tied a prompt to the ongoing saga of one our cats carrying on with great determination in spite of being very ill.

    As for the type of prompt, I’ve mostly used the one-word variety. Every time I’ve looked at more restrictive prompts I’ve found them uninteresting, and perhaps the more restrictive nature puts me off. That said, some years ago I did write a very peculiar story about jousting at lightspeed, triggered by a competition prompt that required a specific title, contained a specific phrase and an optional piece of science to include.

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  2. This debate of real or true writing really makes me upset.  If you take the time to write a blog about anything it is YOUR truth isn’t it?  It doesn’t have to be or maybe it might be the “great American novel”!  It’s written, and hopefully read by someone. It’s a connection you cast out to the public and hope to get a bite.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly edited, every word precisely crafted into a poem or interesting story liked by everyone.  It’s a blog!  Guess I made my point🙄🫣🙄

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