5 Things You Love/Hate About Winter

It is still winter in most of the northern hemisphere. In my hometown, Lahore, this season is drawing to a close. Ever since global warming, our winters have shrunk to two or a maximum of three months. Small wonder then, that I love winter and I will list 5 things I like about it below.

I realise that people who live through long, harsh winters might not like the season. In their case, today’s prompt becomes 5 things they hate about it.

5 Things I Love About Winter:

1. Chunky woollies and soft shawls.

2. Winter rain.

3. Hot beverages.

4. Quilts/Duvets.

5. Sitting by the fire (gas or electric) and reading.

What do you love / hate about winter? Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own.

27 thoughts on “5 Things You Love/Hate About Winter

  1. During the peak of winter, I love;
    Getting cozy in my warm quilt
    Sitting in front of air heater
    Eating peanuts from the shell
    Having hot soups for a meal
    Enjoying my cup of coffee, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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      1. I dont think of garlic in that way; it gets added to most things along with onions, carrots and mushrooms … id have mushrooms with everything if I could 🍄

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  2. Great Post DrTanya … I feel winter lasts too long in Scotland, or may be just feels that way. Sometimes we run from Nov til March/April in winter.

    I love getting wrapped up with my scarf and gloves; hot chocolate, I’m with Sadje on the soup and coffee, plus I’d add hearty winter stews

    I hate – leaving the house in the dark and leaving work in the dark; when the roads/paths are icy; all the viruses in circulation now


  3. Winter for me is funny. We can get snow anytime after September 1, through the end of June. Sounds horrible but the snow fall is always light and the sun is always intense. It takes care of the snow, we only need light jackets – sure we wear layers of shirts, etc under the jackets. I enjoy the simple pleasure of just watching the snow fall, with a coffee, & cake… it is very relaxing.

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