5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

5 Things Tuesday has fallen on Valentine’s Day this week. It is rather obvious that it is in your thoughts whether you celebrate it, vehemently oppose it, or couldn’t care less about it. Ignoring it is not an option since Valentine’s related merchandise is everywhere: on your phone, on billboards and in shops.

This Tuesday, I ask you to share :

5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

Here are mine :

1. Valentine’s Day is a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. How else would they sell so many balloons, chocolates, jewellery or perfume .

2. You don’t need a particular time or day in the year to show a loved one how much you care. It can be any time, any day, everyday.

3. Popular culture, in the form of movies, songs, and some books, creates unnecessary hype around Valentine’s Day. This can pressurise people into believing that if they don’t have a romantic, Hollywood style celebration on Feb 14th, their relationship is not what it should be.

4. I wonder what Saint Valentine, after whom the day is named, would say if he knew his name was being used to sell heart shaped balloons and other stuff.

5. Looking at what I have written above, I come across as a bit of a killjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy celebrations and festivals as much as the next person. What I don’t like is the commercial and media hype that sometimes surrounds them.

How about you? What are your 5 thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

18 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

  1. I agree too. We shouldn’t need to wait until 14th February to tell those we love how we feel. I guess in times gone by people weren’t as expressive with their feelings and maybe it took a prompt to be open about our feelings.
    However I do agree, we shouldn’t give in to the commercialisation that accompanies many of our special festival days now, not just Valentine’s Day. That said, I might visit Hotel Chocolat and buy some cherry flavoured chocolates while they’re on offer … but only if the shop’s quiet … im not waiting in crazy shops.

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  2. I do love to create a little gift for my husband for Valenatine’s day, but I do believe it’s over-commercialized. Then again, so are Christmas, Easter and all popular celebrations/holidays.

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