Blogging Insights 3.0 # 6 : Any Regrets?


Do you have any regrets regarding your blog and blogging? What would you like to have done differently when you launched your blog?


Yes, and no; I don’t have any regrets about my blog and my blogging experience. It was, and still is,a learning process.

Before I started posting on my blog and reading the posts of others, I wasted a lot of time researching themes and watching “how to” videos on blogging. I should instead have used the WordPress blogging tutorials.

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 3.0 # 6 : Any Regrets?

  1. Interesting question. I dont have any regrets. Someone at work was delivering a course about using technology in our teaching and he covered blogs. That sparked my interest and I explored. I used the WP courses and learned from some of the other amazing bloggers in the community. I agree, I’m still learning too, but I think we’ll always be learning.

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